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Wells Catherdral

The cloisters of Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral is an Anglican church in Wells, Somerset, England. It is the seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. Its construction started in 1170 and the Cathedral was dedicated in 1239.

Wells Cathedral has been described as “the most poetic of the English Cathedrals”. Much of the structure is in Early English architecture. Many mouldings look almost like sculptures. The carved capitals are done in a foliate style known as “stiff leaf”. This adds to their vitality. The eastern end has kept much original glass, which is rare in England. The exterior has a splendid Early English façade (~front) and a large central tower.

The first church was established on the site in 705. Construction of the present building began in the 10th century under Anglo-Saxon rule, but was later transformed under the Normans. It was largely complete at the time of its dedication in 1239. It was expanded and renovated several times since then and has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building.


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