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Things To Do In Glastonbury

Three Thing To Do In Glastonbury

Are you visiting and looking for something to do in Glastonbury? Our premium taxi service can drive you around to some of the iconic Glastonbury Tours.

Globally recognised for its annual Performing Arts Festival (although not actually located there), the ancient and medieval Somerset town of Glastonbury is over spilling with historical and mythical significance. From quirky high street shops to medieval listed buildings, Glastonbury is a town with a lot to offer.

Here are our three favourite must-see sites in Glastonbury:

1. Glastonbury Abbey

Situated in the town high street, Glastonbury Abbey is a National Trust, grade I listed building. The dissolution of the Abbey took place 1539 and in the early 20th century the ruins were purchased by the Church of England and eventually opened for public viewing. Today, the Abbey hosts various exhibitions, concerts, workshops, theatres and the annual Glastonbury Extravaganza, which is organised by Glastonbury Festival founder, Michael Eavis.

2. The Somerset Rural Life Museum

Located on Abbey Farm on Chilkwell Street in Glastonbury, The Somerset Rural Life Museum captures the social and agricultural history of Somerset, housed in buildings surrounding a 14th-century barn once belonging to Glastonbury Abbey.

3. Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Well

Topped by the roofless St Michael’s Tower, Glastonbury Tor overlooks the Somerset Levels and can be seen for miles around. It’s famous for its natural conical shape and spiritual significance. Many people walk from the town to the top of the Tor to enjoy the views and the 158-metre elevation.

Chalice Well, also known as the Red Spring, is one of Britain’s most ancient wells situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. The natural spring and surrounding gardens are owned and managed by the Chalice Well Trust, founded in 1959 and is open to the public seven days a week.

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