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Prebooked Transfer Open 24/7
Automatic passenger messaging includes:

Information and image of vehicle and driver.

Driver and passenger can be sent a security code just prior to pickup;

Messages sent when the journey commences and the chauffeur is;

  • en-route
  • approaching pickup
  • at pickup

Automatic P.A messaging sent when the chauffeur is;

  • en-route
  • approaching pickup
  • at pickup
  • client on board
  • approaching drop off
  • client dropped


  • Ability to make bookings directly with ABC Executive Travel.
  • Saves default journey, passenger, and booking information and duplicate journey feature for fast data.
  • Your company is in control of booking business transport directly, reducing operator error.
  • You can monitor bookings via the client booking.
  • There is no restriction for number of logins, using the client booking.
  • The system logs passenger preferences and information against their client record, so these can be accounted for in each and every drive.
  • Management information—Holds history of bookings, you can sort, group and present information in various reports to view or print.
  • Invoice list (available to super-user only).
  • The client booking portal can be branded with your company.
  • Client booking portal accessible 24/7.
  • Cuts down communications between booker and ourselves, and reduces the need for phone calls to check on booking updates.
  • You can print latest booking confirmation documents and email the confirmation, directly from the system.
  • Booking confirmation can be sent and confirmed in electronic form.
  • Reports of compliance available.

Chauffeur details for booking available on portal

Connecting your business to our technology resources, for all your ground transportation needs.

Our Client booking portal lets your company take control of all your transport bookings with us, your trusted partner chauffeur company. Using the most up-to-date technology, we ensure that we deliver a superior service, in the most secure environment possible, time after time.

Our system couldn’t be easier to use. We provide you with a log in for our client portal, there are no restrictions on the number of client log ins, and each user then creates their own unique

password. From the client portal screen, you can create your bookings, see a list of current and past bookings, edit or delete your current bookings, see your current and past bookings on the calendar, view your web confirmations, see journey progression in real time on map if it is configured, and control your payments in the Invoicing and Payments section.

Dependable, secure and flexible solutions putting you first.

We provide various options for ensuring the security of your bookings. You can create a hierarchy of user security by forming user groups, with a manager in charge. This manager can view all their bookings and those within their group. And over this, you can have a superuser category, where they have access to all bookings in the system.

This means that you can assign employees, who will have overall responsibility for the smooth running and integrity of the booking system.

Our technology provides you with the peace of mind, that you will be in permanent contact with the chauffeur company and the driver.

  • Immediate updates on status of booking, using automatic messaging.
  • Vehicle tracking—journey progression shown on map in real time.
  • Web confirmation-reducing time and paper.
  • Web confirmation-can be sent to multiple users.